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Cellglo La Femme

Cellglo La Femme is an all-natural product that combines powerful plant extracts & adaptogens to support modern ladies for beauty & body wellness from within. La Femme supports modern ladies in maintaining overall health, stabilize mood and improve sleep quality. It is suitable the majority of urban women.

1 Product with 10 Benefits

Improve irregular menstruation
Relieve premenstrual syndrome
Reduce Menopause Discomfort
Improve and prevent urinary tract infection
Nourish ovaries and prevent premature aging
Improve stress resistance and relieve stress
Improve immunity and reduce colds
Reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality
Improve concentration and memory
Anti-aging and make skin glow

Proven Result with Purest Ingredients

KSM-66® Ashwagandha

*Improve Sleep
*Improve Stress Resistance
*Improve Brain Health
*Regulates Endocrine Glands, balance Hormones
*BalanceThyroid Hormone
*Relieve Menopause Discomfort
*Strengthen physical strength
*Slow Down Aging

L- Tea Active® L-Theanine

*Relieve stress and anxiety
*Protect nerves against dementia
*Improve concentration and memory
*Stabilize Mood
*Improve sleep quality

Exocyan™ Cranberry Extract

(Improve & prevent UTI)

ElderMune® Elderberry Extract

(Relieve cold and flu symptoms)

BGF-Immune® Beta Glucan

(Strengthen immunity)

Directions Of Use

1. Treatment dose: 2 sachets/day (1 morning, 1 night, after meal)
2. Maintenance dose: 1 sachet/day (preferably in morning/before work, after meal)
*No need to pause during period

Mix one pack of Cellglo La Femme with 100ML of drinking water, stir well, and consume immediately

Our Promise Is Safe & Natural Product

Cellglo La Femme is made of natural botanical ingredients. It doesn‘t contain any artificial sweetener, colouring or flavoring. The colour, taste and smell might vary slightly from batch to batch.

Q & A

Yes, La Femme can help improve sleep, fight stress, relieve anxiety and boost immunity in men and women.

Generally, women can start drinking for conditioning after they start to have menstruation.

La Femme is not recommended to be consumed during pregnancy. La Femme can regulate endocrine, and the hormone ratio of pregnant women is different from non-pregnant women. Therefore, long-term consumption during pregnancy is not recommended. Drinking conditioning can begin after gift birth.

The product does not contain any hormones or drugs. Furthermore, there is no research showing that the ingredients contained in La Femme can be produced in breast milk after drinking by women. Therefore, it is safe to take 1-2 sachets per day according to the recommended dosage during breastfeeding.

Customers with thyroid problems can drink it. The ingredients of Ashwagandha are helpful for thyroid imbalance. But the thyroid is generally a disease of the autoimmune system. The product helps boost immunity. It is recommended that patients with autoimmune diseases drink one sachet a day.

La Femme does not contain any artificial hormone ingredients. Patients with hydroma or fibroids can drink with safe. The product does not cause the problem of enlargement of fibroids or hydromas. The product itself can help fight stress and reduce abnormal cell proliferation and can help reduce the chance of tissue cancer to stabilize fibroids or hydromas caused by stress.

If you are currently suffering from cancer and are in the treatment stage, we suggest that it is more appropriate to consult a doctor for advice. Because the ingredients may react with the active ingredients of the medicine. It must be evaluated by a professional physician. As for the recovered patients, they can drink with safe.

La Femme can help reduce high blood pressure. If you are taking blood-clearing drugs, it is recommended to drink one sachet a day and drink at least 1 hour apart from the medication.

High blood cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure patients can drink La Femme. The product can help improve high blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar and improve cholesterol. If you are taking blood-purifying drugs or hypoglycemic medication, it is recommended to drink one sachet a day and keep at least one hour apart from the medication.

La Femme can help to regulate the body and improve the quality of sleep, but it is not a sleeping pill, you can take La Femme in the morning to help regulate the body and refresh yourself.

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