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Cellglo Crème 21

An exclusive anti-aging secret recipe from France. Enriched with concentrated soy phytoplacenta, Cellglo Creme 21 increase the production of Type III collagen in your dermis, giving you a youthful skin. It is blended with precious botanical oils extracts, helps the skin to achieve firmness, ageless and radiant effect.

Main Benefits of Crème 21

Repairing & rejuvenate

Brightening & moisturizing

Prevent sagging

Firming & anti-wrinkles

Reduce scar appearance

Lymphatic drainage

Helps To Improve Below Skin Conditions

Dull skin
Dehydrated skin
Irritated skin
Scar & marks

Proven Result with Purest Ingredients

Phytoplacenta (wild soy bean)

Soy phytoplacenta has an exceptional ability for skin cell proliferation to promote reproduction and restoration of collagen levels which may overtime improve skin's elasticity. The skin cell regeneration process may also improve skin barrier, reduce wrinkles and promotes an even complexion.

Dioscorea Villosa (wild yam)

Providing moisturizing effect whereby it enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness.It also can be used for anti-aging, as an antioxidant and for its anti-inflammatory properties. It contains diosgenin- a phytoestrogen which helps in hormone balancing and easing menopause symptoms. It also help in lymphatic fluid circulation to remove toxin from body.

Sodium hyaluronate


Grape seed oil


Olive oil


Sunflower seed oil


Jojoba oil


Vitamin B5

(Soothing & healing)

Directions Of Use

1. Apply sufficient amount of creme 21 evenly on face after cleanse.
2. Use it twice a day(morning & night)
3. Use it to perform arm lymphatic massage twice a day (morning & night)

Pump sufficient amount of creme 21 to apply on face after cleanse

Our Promise Is Safe & Natural Product

Cellglo Crème 21 is made of natural botanical ingredients. It doesn‘t contain any artificial fragrance or colouring. The colour and smell might vary slightly from batch to batch.

Q & A

Creme 21 does not contain any mineral oil and does not clog pores. The formula uses natural vegetable oil ingredients to repair and moisturize the skin without causing any burden to the skin. However, if the acne problem in adolescence is mostly affected by hormones, excessive oil secretion is abnormal, it is not recommended to use any cream products including Creme 21.

Sensitive skin is suitable to use the Cellglo skincare series as it do not contain any sensitizing chemical ingredients, and the raw materials used are all natural plant extracts. It does not contain any alcohol, artificial fragrance, artificial coloring and other ingredients that may cause allergies.

Generally, we do not recommend mixing it with other products. Because the whole series of skin care are used together, the maximum effect can be exerted. If the customer has special circumstances, it is recommended that the matching products do not contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin such as alcohol and artificial flavors.

Deep Cleansing Bar does not contain any artificial colors or stabilizers. If the storage method is incorrect, it may lead to changes in form, but it will not affect the efficacy of use. It is recommended to place it in a ventilated and dry place and ensure that it is placed in an environment below 30°C.

The deep cleansing bar does not contain SLS ingredients, so it will not dehydrate the skin after washing. The natural synthesis method of deep cleansing bar retains the glycerin component, which can also form a protective layer for the skin while cleansing to prevents moisture loss. Dry skin can also be used every day.

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