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Cellglo CE Eyes Powder

A specially formulated eyecare drink from France to maintain healthy eyes and support general health & wellbeing. Cellglo CE Eyes Powder contains high purity of eyes essential nutrients in optimized ratio which provide fast absorption and high bioavailability to consumers in order to deliver the best result.

Main Benefits of CE Eyes Powder

Improve eyes problems & eyes diseases

Slow down aging with high antioxidants

Improve cardiovascular health & cardiac function

Maintain skin health & reduce premature skin aging

Strengthen immunity & promote self-healing

Add protection for brain & other organs

Helps to Improve & Prevent 11 Common Eyes Symptoms

Dry Eyes
Night blindness
Lazy eyes
Retinal detachment
Macular degeneration

Proven Result with Purest Ingredients

(Marigold Flower Extract from Switzerland)

Lutein 40mg

*Suppress inflammation
*Defend against free radicals and oxidative stress
*Enhance the sharpness of your vision
*Improve your visual contrast sensitivity
*Reduce glare impairment
*Protect eye tissue from sunlight damage
*Reduce cell loss and death related to eye disease
*Protect your eyes from harmful blue light

(Haematococcus Pluvialis from Hawaii Island)

Astaxanthin 6mg

*Prevent dry eyes and soreness
*Reduce eye strain and fatigue
*Increase blood flow to retina capillaries
*Slow age-related symptoms
*Protect optic nerve
*Relax eyes muscle & improve myopia
*Improve skin dryness & pigmentation
*Maintain heart health
*Relieve joint pain

(From Fresh Berries Extracts)


*Rhodopsin-regenerating properties
*Strengthen the posterior blood vessels of eyes
*Prevent blockages in retinal arteries
*Improve elevated intraocular pressure
*Reduce inflammation in eye tissues
*Providing anti-diabetes benefits
*Reduce Blood Pressure
*Preserve Memory and Brain Function
*Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Who need this product?

Individuals with eyes problems
Using electronic devices for long hours
Stress & staying up late
Fatigue & insomnia
Heavy smoker
Wish to slow down aging
Imbalance diet

Directions Of Use

1. Drink 2 sachets of Cellglo CE Eyes Powder for the first 10 days or until symptoms get improved.
2. Consume 1 sachet per day after the first 10 days.
3. Drink in the morning right before meal.
4. Increase the sachets if needed.

Mix one pack of Cellglo CE Eyes Powder with 150ML of drinking water, stir well, and consume immediately

Our Promise Is Safe & Natural Product

Cellglo CE Eyes Powder is made of natural botanical ingredients. It doesn‘t contain any artificial sweetener, colouring or flavoring. The colour, taste and smell might vary slightly from batch to batch.

Q & A

CE Eyes Powder does not add any refined sugar and contains a small amount of natural fructose from natural berry extracts in the formula. Diabetics can take it recommended to drink one sachet a day. For more serious patients, it is recommended to measure fasting blood sugar before drinking, measure again after drinking for a week, and measure again after drinking for the second week. If the fasting blood sugar does not fluctuate much, you can continue to drink it every day.
If you are taking medicine, you must drink it at least 1 hour apart from the medicine.

For patients taking medicine, it is recommended to take the medicine at least 1 hour apart from CE Eyes Powder.

CE Eyes Powder contains astaxanthin, which effectively fights inflammation and prevents vascular sclerosis. Patients after vascular surgery can safely take it as long-term health care. However, the ingredients have a blood-clearing effect, so it is not recommended to take it on the day of surgery and the day before surgery.

CE Eyes Powder does not contain soy ingredients, and patients with G6PD can generally take it. It is recommended to start with drinking 1 sachet a day.

If the power is between 50-150, the short-sightedness can be improved relatively quickly. Some cases have even improved to the point where they no longer need to rely on glasses. However, if the power is relatively high or belongs to high-power short-sightedness patients (power 600 or above), the rate of decline is not as rapid. It is also impossible for high-power short-sighted patients not to need to wear glasses because they drink CE Eyes Powder. It is considered very good for high-power short sightedness patients to reduce their power by 10-20%. In most cases, CE Eyes Powder can help patients with high power prevent the power from rising. But the patient’s eye habits are also a decisive factor.

CE Eyes Powder is extracted from natural ingredients. Children can safely take it but not recommended for babies aged 1-2 to drink unless they have congenital eye diseases.
1-2 years old 1/4 sachet a day (unless you have congenital eye disease or emergency, otherwise it is not recommended to drink)
3-6 years old 1/2 sachet a day
7-12 years old 1 sachet a day
1-2 sachets a day for teenagers above 12 years old, depending on the situation. In severe cases, drink 2 sachets a day
Adults (18 years old or above) drink 2 sachets a day for the first 10 days, then change to 1 sachet a day after 10 days or when the condition improves.

Mostly thyroid is the problem with the autoimmune system caused by too many free radicals. CE Eyes Powder can neutralize free radicals, thereby improving problems related to free radicals and the thyroid. Patients with thyroid can take CE Eyes Powder every day.

It is not recommended to take it together. Natural health products are recommended to be separated taken by at least half an hour.

CE Eyes Powder can help slow down the progression of cataracts. The early cataract problem can be improved by CE Eyes Powder, but it regularly needs checkups with the doctor. If cataract problems have reached maturity, they still need surgery to heal. After all you can continue to drink CE Eyes Powder to relieve side effects.

Floaters are eye-aging problems. Some patients can see improvement in 2 weeks, while others may take half a year to one year. It is recommended to continue to take two sachets per day, and keep consume it and observe the effect.

Not recommended. For general glaucoma patients, we suggest drinking CE Eyes Powder and must also treat according to the doctor’s instructions and not stop the medicine without authorization. It is also necessary to follow up according to the period specified by the doctor. CE Eyes Powder can help patients in treatment to stabilize intraocular pressure more quickly.

CE Eyes Powder contains berry extracts, which are acidic to the stomach. Generally, patients who are prone to stomach bloating or have stomach problems are advised to drink CE Eyes Powder after meals.

Some customers may experience these conditioning symptoms when they first consume the product, which is normal. It is recommended to continue drinking, and the condition will gradually improve and back to normal.

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