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Eric & Michelle Success Story

Become the envy of others (Eric Soh)

Right Attitude For Success

I have been asked by many people how exactly I continue to improve myself and how I lead more people to success. What exactly is the secret that I have been able to maintain my momentum and keep my performance up every year despite the challenges many people have encountered during the epidemic?

In fact, many times we say: those who succeed never give up, those who give up never succeed; and I am persistent until I succeed. How do I lead my team? I created an environment, the environment is very important, if a person can succeed depending on the environment in which they are located, near the vermilion is red, near the ink is black. Also in the team, the system is very important, because only the system can replicate more successful people, if there is no systematization, you will be difficult to let more people follow your footsteps to improve themselves. Then again as a leader and founder, you must constantly improve your ability, because the trend is changing quickly, now is the network trend, as long as the mastery of the network trend, business will be able to develop quickly.

Also, many people ask me how to make more money. It depends on what kind of mentality you have. We are with the mindset of helping people make the most money, how much money you can make depends on how many people you can help, this is the philosophy I have always held.

Many times,we envy the lives of others, so why don’t you let others envy you? Instead of envying others’ brilliance, you should create your own light. We can’t choose where we come from, but we can decide what we do with our lives.

Women need to have “3I” (Michelle Neo)

Improve yourself to be independent

Modern women, not just housewives, can also make their careers brilliant. With a heart that wants to make a difference, we women can actually create higher value.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself if you can, ask yourself if you want it. I often say a phrase, women should have “3I”, that is, independent of thought, independent of ability, and independent of the economy. Be brave and face yourself to create a more exciting life for yourself.