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Dion Tey Success Story

Young moms lead an army of mothers

Sales success

“The first time I used Cellglo’s Cream 21, I noticed within a few weeks that the bags under my eyes disappeared, and my skin glowed again, and I was totally convinced. Dion, who was still running a clothing store at the time, started introducing Cellglo products to her customers, family and friends. That’s how she started her journey with Cellglo and how she grew with Cellglo. Five years later, she is leading a team of 1,000 people in the company and has successfully made it to the list of the company’s million-dollar agents.

Do not give up lightly, persevere to the end
I had been working long hours and was completely tied up, and the pay was meager. After being introduced to Cellglo and experiencing the results of the product first hand, I saw that this was a business opportunity worth investing in and running! Along the way, Dion is grateful for the support and nurturing of the company and its management team, which has given her the opportunity to continue learning and growing. “A lot of people who joined the company at the same time as me have left, and they think this business is hard to do. But I don’t think so!” Dion admits that leading such a large team can be difficult and challenging. With so many people, there is inevitably interpersonal friction, and coordination requires more attention. But with a mindset of not giving up, she takes the initiative to find resources and solutions to overcome challenges over and over again! She leads by example in everything she does, so that her team members can see her dedication and hard work; and because of her positive attitude and persistence, she brings the whole team together to create sales successes.

A loving mother’s heart, family and career balance
“Maybe because I am a mother myself, it is inevitable that I will bring my maternal instincts and want to take good care of every member of my team! Dion, who married early, is already a mother of one daughter and two sons, although she is only about 30 years old. “I feel a deep sense of responsibility to take care of my team members, big and small, just like my own children. I want them to have the same success, time freedom and financial independence as I do in running Cellglo!” She often stresses the importance of having both a family and a career to be truly successful; Cellglo offers just the right opportunity to meet that requirement. With the full support of her husband and children, she can continue to work hard in her career without any worries and continue to surpass the peak of her performance.

Pursuing the joy of sharing
While her success at Cellglo has been financially rewarding, for Dion, the most satisfying part of her career is seeing her success contribute to the success of her team members. With a selfless spirit of “let’s all make money together,” she doesn’t mind sharing her money-making methods and tips with her team. “My own success and happiness is nothing, but to make those who work with you as successful and happy is my goal. Because of Dion’s vision and passion, she has more motivation to push harder and call on a team of people who share her passion and enthusiasm to pursue their dreams and build their careers!