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Covy Success Story

A girl who sticks to her ideals and pursues her dreams with courage

Covy embraces technology and breaks new ground without self-imposed limits

Covy was in her early twenties, studying visual design at college, but she knew that studying was not the path she wanted to take. When she tried to find her dream in her own way and decided to drop out of school halfway through, her father was very much against it, worried that her reckless decision would ruin her future. A few days before she left for Macau to work, she was encouraged by her aunt to join Cellglo as an agent. “My aunt had actually been telling me about the company’s products for a long time. I also bought Crystal Eyes for my dad to try and I really saw an improvement in his eyesight. After learning more about the company and their products, I had a lot of confidence in them.” While in Macau, she started working as a micro-business, using WeChat and the Internet to sell Cellglo’s products to customers in Malaysia.

In just a few months, Covy saw sales grow and helped her generate significant income. In the process, she also recruited her first customer in mainland China, setting the stage for her future entry into the Chinese market, and brought customers from as far away as Australia to Cellglo’s products. At that point, Covy knew she had found the perfect platform to realize her dream and decided to come back to Malaysia to devote herself to the Cellglo business. Like other post-90’s millennials, Covy is no stranger to the use of technology. She knows that she has to keep up with the times and technology, so she boldly uses the web and social media to market her products; creating a business approach and strategy that is very different from traditional marketing agents. On Facebook, she can introduce her products, answer customer questions, and even recruit young people to join her team.

Now Covy and her team are riding the wave of technology to unstoppable sales success. In addition to her technology advantage, Covy feels that the key to her success is her insistence on “constant learning”! She takes at least three courses in business management every year to enrich herself. “I take what I learn into my team’s training sessions so that everyone can learn and grow together. Only by improving myself can I ensure that my performance will also grow!”

As a wife, Covy understands that career is important, but not at the expense of family harmony. She believes that to maintain family harmony, women need to understand their own value. A woman with value can be a role model for her children and be respected by her husband; a respectful relationship will create a harmonious family atmosphere. That’s why she works hard to help her team of sisters build their confidence and self-worth through Cellglo’s business, which in turn helps them have a balanced and successful family and career.

Covy’s success today proves that lack of education does not necessarily mean you are doomed to failure; success is possible with hard work. Not finishing school doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need to learn anymore; Covy’s dedication to learning and continued pursuit of growth after she left school has been the stepping stone to her success at Cellglo today. Her father, who was so worried and upset when she stopped school many years ago, is now proud of Covy’s success. May all those who do not give up find their value and realize their dreams at Cellglo, just like Covy did!